Portal 2

I’ve been searching for this game for months. I got a giftcard at the end of December from a coworker and I made sure to have some extra money put aside just for the game. Once the card was acquired, I set off on my hunt for it.

Goddamit was it tedious.

I’d already played the game before but it wasn’t my copy. It belongs to Julio’s bro. I started off my search close to mom’s. I stopped by Montehiedra and there was a copy with a deep scratch by the edge, but my friend at the store mentioned that the mall I work in was housing a copy in one of its three stores. I vowed to look for it the next day and headed back out into the world. I made a stop over at another mall to get something and checked that Gamestop. I usually go to that one for obscure or out of print games(which in this case Portal 2 fell in perfectly, discontinued recently) since mostly that Gamestop is visited by cacos looking for call of duty games and that’s it. That’s where I found another copy of Warioware Touched after my first one went missing…

No game there either.

I said ‘screw it’ and decided to look for it in the mall I work in. Bad luck, game was gone by the time I went there. I checked the App on my phone and saw two more copies were available and told myself to head over to those stores when I had time.

Well, yesterday was the day. I needed to take the roomie to Petsmart and it was on the way to both gamestops. I went to the one closer to the apartment and the box was there…the game wasn’t. I was flaming furious. He called the other store that was on the list and thankfully Plaza Carolina had it…which saved me a trip to two Bayamon stores that said to have the game in stock.

I get to Plaza Carolina(yeesh, I don’t like that place) and ask for the game at the register. Guy looks it up, it’s not in the Xbox360 P part. I’m pissed. I start yelling because I’m upset. The box was there and he just took the call from the guy in Encantada, saying that the game was there! So he sighs and keeps looking it…finding the game in the PS3 P section…

FINALLY. The game was in decent condition, not like the Montehiedra one…so I finally got my own copy of Portal 2~! Which I finished the Co-op standard puzzles yesterday. I’m working on the other ones tonight or tomorrow hopefully. 😀

Man do I love that game.


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