Batman Akrham Asylum Completed!

Yay! Another game to cross off my list. Of course, since I borrowed the GOTY edition from my sister; I still have a bit more to go through. Otherwise, I’m done with the core came.

My apologies for being MIA these past two to three days, I’ve been working closings and the time I took in the afternoon to try and post was consumed by general Arkham playtime.

Now, the game was great. I played through it in the normal difficulty because I did not want to smash my controller on the ground if I got too frustrated. It’s happened before, I wanted to enjoy a game not get mad at it because I can’t deal with the hardest difficulty in a collected manner.

I really enjoyed the story, got me hooked from the get go and honestly, It was really well done. I can see why people gave me such good feedback when I told them what I was playing. Of course, they told me that Arkham City is much better and I believe them. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’ll probably be getting the GOTY edition of that one as well just to get the Nightwing DLC. I love Richard Grayson, I think he’s fabulous. Best Robin ever! My roommate also agrees. 😀

Back to the game. Derp.

The boss fights were a little tricky to figure out, which is nice since I’m not fond of having the fight cut out for you. I took a couple of stumbles with the final Joker fight since I had no idea what I was supposed to do until I tinkered with my items and saw what I was supposed to do. The grunts kept kicking my ass in between all of this. I think I started that fight over like ten times…stupid grunts getting in my way. T_T

The controls were easy to handle, just your basic attack with this one and counter with the other one button configuration. I would’ve preferred my item wheel to NOT have been the dpad. It was a hassle to try and get the diagonal items like the sequencer and the triple batarang. It could also be my dpad that’s at fault if no one else had the same problem I did.

The Riddler…oh your challenges…I’ve managed to get 55% of them. Which I am proud off for getting them in one sole run. I’m about to run around again and see if get a few more.

After running around Akrham I think I’ll take a stroll down Vincent’s mind in Catherine. Not sure yet. I’m going to enjoy this day off… 😀


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