Two days into the Octavitas

It’s been two days after three kings day and the tree at the mall I work in is still up. Argh! I just want them to take it down already.

I probably don’t like it because I’ve been seeing it throughout the entire Xmas season for four years running but still. It’s a tree with a silly light show.

I don’t wanna be a grinch but I guess seeing this tree for so long doesn’t make me see the novelty in it. It was fun almost ten years ago when I saw it in a different mall. Okay, maybe not that long ago but close enough.

I wish this mall was a little more innovative. They have soap snow every few hours and the light show tree. It’s the same thing every year. Us mall employees get super tired of it. Because of these decorations the mall fills up obscenely. Of course, now that our Xmas holidays are winding down, I shouldn’t have parking troubles for a while.

I should go back to my sammich.


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