Halo 4 Capmaign

Today I finished Halo 4’s Campaign in Legendary. Me, who isn’t that dexterous at Halo managed to beat it in said difficulty.

The story was definitely engaging. It caught my attention and I was hooked on it from the get-go. This post might get spoilerrific if you haven’t finished it yet so be warned.

Honestly, I’m gonna miss hearing Cortana’s voice. She was such a good character, it was a shame to see her go. Chief’s attachment to her in this game was more noticeable after all these years. It almost brought a tear to my eye. Granted, I’m an emotional person so there was a chance I was going to cry.

I haven’t been able to dabble into the multiplayer yet but I hope to do so soon. I’ve been hearing good things from my friends who have the game so I’m preparing to dabble into it when I get a used copy.

Back to the campaign, the weapons were pretty good. The upgraded old weapons were great. The new ones were good too. I loved the Light Rifle, hands down one of my favorites. The sniper was pretty good too, I need to get better at using it though.

I didn’t like spawning with the plasma pistol though. I barely use it. It’s one of those weapons that frustrate me constantly.

Other than that, the game was pretty solid. I liked it. 😀 Now onto the next one…Batman Arkham Asylum!


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