A little fun a day keeps the sadness away

Everyone should try to do something fun every day. Listen to your favorite song, dance around, sing at the top of your lungs, play a game, write or anything that will make you smile.

Doing at least one little thing like that should lift your spirits…right? I’ve noticed this a lot lately and that’s why I’m almost always smiling. I try to think of something that makes me happy or do something that’ll make me smile.

People are becoming grumps, getting depressed because they let everything get to them. I’ve been trying not to for years and thankfully I’ve made a little progress. It’s a slow process for me since I’m a very emotional person but progress is progress.

I always try to listen to one of my favorite songs to get my spirits up. It’s a great pick me up. If not, I just try to think of something I experienced that I’d love to do again. Like going over to the US to see a Kpop concert or looking forward to a gaming binge. Because of these little things, I haven’t let my frustration at my college situation get to me.

I’m hoping to finally graduate in May. It’s been long enough. Tomorrow is the day I got to college to get my last two classes. Here goes nothing!


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