Still on the longest holidays in the world…

I think I mentioned this a few days ago but here we have the longest holidays in the world. While today is the last legit holiday for us until some sort of day off honoring one of our illustrious men soon but still. Our Christmas Holidays are still far from over.

After the Three Magi(Wise Men) day, we have the ‘Octavitas’ which are eight days to still keep celebrating these holidays….which would mean that on the 13th our Christmas Holidays end…you’d think so…but you’re wrong. Right after that, we have the ‘Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian’, which are these parties held on the San Sebastian Street in Old San Juan.

I’ve been there once or twice but now I really don’t feel up to going. Not because of the age but because of how crowded it gets now(not to mention the obscene amount of 15 year olds going to try get drunk). Since these are the longest holidays around and everyone knows about it, people just crowd those streets. Next week most of my coworkers are heading out to streets since this year the Octavitas and the street parties coincided. I’m not going because honestly I’d rather stay home and play Arkham Asylum or Dishonored if I finally get my hands on it.

Regardless, having the longest holidays is nice because of the extended vacation days…except when you work retail and have to be on call constantly.

I do think people should come around and experience all our holidays have to offer since the Three Wise Men tradition is a nice one. I remember getting so excited picking out grass for the camels.

Well enough nostalgia for today. Back to Austin Powers in Goldmember.


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