Why Kpop?

For the past few years I’ve been hearing the same thing over and over about one of my preferred music genre. Why do I like it? Why Kpop? What’s so fascinating about it?

Honestly, I don’t really know. I just like it!

Kidding. Of course.

I was partially honest, I don’t know what drew me into Kpop at first but after years listening to the genre I can answer that. While the music isn’t the best, the beats and the lyrics are a serious draw. I wrote about this for a class once. Some of the songs are just tunes that I can lose myself into. That’s why I’ve been trying to be so serious about my dancing again.

I’ve been learning the dances off youtube for almost as long as I’ve been into the genre. It’s great exercise and it’s been a lot of fun. I’m back in my element. I’m a dancer aside from a writer and a gamer.

Kpop helped me get back into my dancing roots. It’d been a while since I’d been excited to move to music. Jpop started to back when I was in high school and Kpop finished the job.

I’m hoping to record myself covering these dances again. I used to do it a few years ago but stopped. Now that I’m learning more dancing, I’m hoping to start over.

Going back to Kpop…aside from helping get back into dancing…I also found a physical pull. I found them attractive as much as I found their dances appealing.

Kpop to me is something that has helped me find myself, before I got into the genre I was a confused college student who had no idea what to do with her life. Now I do. I want to be an ESL teacher in Korea for a while before hopping over to Japan. It’s either that or be a Kpop/Jpop news reporter. I love this music, I’d love to write for it for a living. Or dance. 🙂

So again, if people ask me ‘why kpop?’ I’d rather just say ‘why not?’.

2 thoughts on “Why Kpop?

  1. I took the writing class with you and when you wrote about Kpop I had no idea what it was until I started watching the korean novels I fell in love with their culture! I really like Kpop wish I could understand without having to read the subtitles, but the music and the lyrics are really good too…. keep up with your blog it is good!

    1. Thanks!

      Most people that talk to me about how they got into Kpop they mention dramas. I don’t watch them because I get bored.

      After liking this music for so long, I don’t know much Korean but I can guess what they mean by the sound of the song and my basic Korean skills. Makes me really happy to be able to guess what the song’s about and be right! 😀


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