Gaming babbles

Gaming has been a big part of my life. I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember. Mom often tells me I’ve been with a controller in hand since I got the dexterity for it. She and dad would also tell me about how I’d play Super Mario Brothers and wait for dad to come home so he’d kill Bowser for me since I couldn’t do it.

I had that NES for years until the Nintendo 64 came out. Mom and Dad got that one for me and my sister along with Mario Kart and Super Mario 64. I played the crap out of that N64. Got all the Mario Parties I could get my hands on and fell in love with the Legend of Zelda franchise then. Ocarina of time was my first and it’s one of my top Zelda games of all time. We also got a Gamecube…more Mario Parties and Luigi’s Mansion.

During those years, I got into middle/high school (my school didn’t have an 8/9th grade graduation) and got my first Sony system with DDR and Final Fantasy X. That’s when I really fell in love with gaming. Final Fantasy X was amazing. The story moved me to tears.

I played a bunch of RPGS then and that Playstation 2 stayed with me all the way up to 2006, I got a Wii on its release date along with Twilight Princess. Beautiful game, amazing story.

My PS2 and my Wii were almost always on. Don’t even get me started on portable consoles. I’ve had every single game boy that was released, with the exception of the virtual boy. My Game Boy Advance is still alive and kicking. With my GBA I had my first brush with Pokemon with the third gen. Torchic, I miss you! 😛

I jumped from PS2 to Xbox 360 a little over three years ago and I really don’t regret getting a 360 instead of a PS3. I love my Xbox and the games I play. I never played shooters until I got the Xbox, the only real shooter I dabbled on for PS2 was Dirge of Cerberus. All right gaming, MW2 was okay since I had too much of a shakey hand for Halo games. I have a handle on them now though.

Assassins’ Creed became the second game to remind me why I really love gaming. The story’s had me so invested in the games since I got the Xbox. Heck, I still have games that I was loaned to by a friend of mine. I remember telling him I got an Xbox at last after trying to save up for two years and having emergencies get in the way. I went over to his house and he gave me a bag full of games. I have two in my apartment still. I should give him back Star Ocean…I’m not gonna finish it at all. Yeesh, I’ll stick with SO3.

I love gaming. I really can’t say anything more. It’s been a long journey for me with all the games and consoles I’ve played with over the years and it’s something I’ll never give up. My other New Year’s Resolution aside for writing a post a day is to be able to play more games that I find interesting. I keep skipping out on games for no particular reason…I’m gonna play Dishonored as soon as I’m done with Lego Batman 2. Can’t wait!


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