The End of An Era(My Era) (First post after classes)

I’m going to keep this blog active for other things that I just want to post. This is a good example. So former classmates, be warned that these posts will contain a lot of things about Asian music.

Just yesterday on this side of the world, my favorite Morning Musume member graduated the group and Hello! Project.

I’d been a very big fan of the group since late 2006, Niigaki Risa quickly becoming my favorite member. Takahashi Ai, from her same generation was also my favorite but nothing seemed to top Gaki-san for me. Her voice was amazing and she was so energetic. I really loved the energy she brought into the group and loved to hear her sing along with watching her perform through various videos on youtube.

Honestly, Gaki-san is one of the people I admire the most and was sad to hear that she’d be graduating this year. So close to getting to Japan to see her perform(broke college students can only do so much) and she decides to graduate to move on with her life to the next big adventure. Such a shame, she was the one thing that was keeping me fully interested in the group. It’s not that I don’t like the new gens…then again, the only one who’s really caught my eye is Riho. Everyone else just seems so bland.

Then Tsunku announces the eleventh generation auditions and I feel like I’m being stabbed in the heart. Sure, he said it might be just one new girl but still. I haven’t gotten used to the 10th gen yet…I only like Riho from ninth and then you pull this over my head?! I can’t take more new girls! You’ve gotten rid of everyone I liked in the span of three years! I was happy to see Koha go. Her voice had changed way too much from her debut but he graduated the Pandas too soon! JunJun and LinLin had so much potential! I hated the fact that he made them graduate(he never gave out a reason as to why they left). I understood that Eiri had a skin condition she needed to take time to heal from but what about the pandas?! JunLin aren’t doing much in China now are they!? It’s rare to hear from them…T_T

Ai’s graduation hit me hard since she was my second favorite and her voice is amazing…I hated to see her go but she needed to fly. Morning Musume was going to weigh her down if she stayed in it too long.

Gaki’s graduation now has eventually hurt me more than any of the past three grads. I really love Gaki-san but it’s time she moved on from Morning Musume. She’s been in the group for ten years…I understand her departure. It’s just a shame that everyone else that I cared about has already left at this point too.

I’m not bidding goodbye to the H!P fandom. Berryz has been consistent and C-ute has been doing surprisingly well lately but Morning Musume’s part in the H!P fandom is almost as good as dead. Only Riho captivates my interest. I don’t like Sayu’s fail attempts at singing and I sure as hell never like that Reina always tends to get vocal focus. I don’t like her attitude much either…reminds me of someone from a Kpop group that I don’t like for a similar reason…meh.

I’ll miss you Gaki. You and the fifth generation were the best thing to happen to Morning Musume.

Now excuse me while I cry a little more. It really sucks to see your favorite member leave.


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