Yo man, this is so READY.

I seriously wonder about my generation and the ones after me with their lingo. I mean this in the local sense of course. English speakers don’t worry me too much, it’s sometimes like… O_O what? but it’s otherwise it’s understandable to get. I just can’t deal with my own countrymen and their new found ‘jargon’. It’s just…

It gets my blood boiling. It’s my second biggest pet peeve. Like seriously. The first time I ever, ever heard this, was at work and I had to control myself because it just left me confused and then furious.

Let me set this up for you. It’s a twenty something guy with some of his friends and he steps out of the dressing room with a button up shirt and a vest. He’s okay and looks decent. I don’t hesitate to tell him so when he asks. He then asks his friends.

“So? How does it look?”

“Man, that’s so READY. It looks good.”

“That’s totally READY.”

(For the sake for English speakers I translated the sentences…to native or learning Spanish speakers…it went like this…)

“So, se ve bien?”

“Acho mano si. Eso esta bien READY. Se ve bien.”

“Totalmente READY papo…”

As soon as I heard the word ready, I was like…ready for what!? FINISH YOUR GODDAMN SENTENCE YOU IDIOT. READY HAS SOMETHING FOLLOWING IT. USUALLY THE WORDS SET AND OR GO! They kept repeating ‘ready’ and I kept trying to control my grammar/English Major ass from from blowing up on them.

I think that’s one of the worst ‘jargons’ or borrowings from the English language these people have adopted. They’re not all as well educated as me and my friends, but I’m certain most of them have common sense…wait. No they don’t. The people who use this word by itself and don’t think about it…it’s ridiculous. Ready isn’t ‘good’. Ready means it’s DONE. SE ACABO. ESTA LISTO. ESTA HECHO. HOW DOES THIS COMPARE TO CLOTHING? It’s ready for that occasion!? It still sounds wrong dumbasses.

These people drive me nuts. I swear, it’s the worst thing to hear on a daily basis in retail.


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