My Simple Sentences

Things I will do:

  • I will always do what makes me happy.
  • I will love him with all my heart.
  • I will laugh as much as I can.
  • I will cherish every moment.
  • I will put more effort into things.
  • I will be a great dancer.
  • I will respect everyone’s choices.
  • I will live in Korea.
  • I will go to Japan.
  • I will finish learning Korean.
  • I will try to stop procrastinating.
  • I will own a Welsh Corgi.
  • I will always love cartoons.
  • I will cut down on sweets.
  • I will agree to disagree.
  • I will wear sneakers at my wedding.
  • I will go see Super Junior in concert in their own hometown.
  • I will pick up reading again.
  • I will write more.
  • I will own my own cupcake store.
  • I will try to get along with my family more.
  • I will catch up on my TV shows.
  • I will finish reading Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • I will catch up on my manga reading.
  • I will exercise more.


Things I will never do:

  • I will never smoke.
  • I will never drink alcohol.
  • I will never join the Army.
  • I will never give into pressure.
  • I will never give up on my dreams.
  • I will never dwell on every little sad thing.
  • I will never give up on my boys.
  • I will never stop playing video games.
  • I will never understand philosophy.
  • I will never own a cat.
  • I will never learn Chinese.
  • I will never get politics.
  • I will never change for a guy.
  • I will never Rick Roll someone again.
  • I will never lose my inner child.
  • I will never limit my imagination.
  • I will never let someone’s harsh words get to me.
  • I will never run down a street naked.
  • I will never let my sisters ruin my mood.
  • I will never go to a Reggaeton concert.
  • I will never work at a restaurant again.
  • I will never watch scary movies.
  • I will never go clubbing.
  • I will never stop smiling.
  • I will never forget my moment.


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