My bucket list

1. See Super Junior perform, live in concert! (Done)

2. Travel to Korea to live there.

3. Go to Japan.

4. Go back to Italy and spend a month there.

5. See the Superbowl in person.

6. Go to a Six Flags and ride all the coasters.

7. Publish a book.

8. Perform on stage with my dream male dance partner.

9. See a Super Show in Korea.

10. Make it big as a dancer, even if its temporary.

Out of my top three, one of them has been accomplished! I managed to see Super Junior perform last October in New York, where I met Henry. The other two are at the top because they’re things I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. I love Korean and Japanese culture and I’ve been wanting to travel to both places for years. I’ve been aiming to get to those places and I’ve been slowly hoping to graduate to be able to keep the ball rolling to get there. Soon! Soon!


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