My 25 compound and complex sentences

  1. I will always do what makes me happy and I will never stop smiling.
  2. I will love him with all my heart and cherish every moment.
  3. I will be a great dancer and never give up on my dreams.
  4. I will own a Welsh Corgi, I will never own a cat.
  5. I will never smoke, never drink alcohol.
  6. I will laugh as much as I can and never dwell in any little sad thing.
  7. I will never let my sisters ruin my mood and I will get along with my family more.
  8. I will never join the army and will respect everyone’s choices.
  9. I will never lose my inner child and I will always love cartoons.
  10. I will never get politics and I will never understand Philosophy.
  11. I will live in Korea and I will go to Japan.
  12. I will finish learning Korean and never learn Chinese.
  13. I will never stop playing video games and I will catch up on my TV shows.
  14. I will never work at a restaurant again and I will own my own cupcake store.
  15. I will never change for a guy and I will wear sneakers at my wedding.
  16. I will see Super Junior in concert in their hometown and I will never forget my moment.
  17. I will pick up reading again and catch up on my manga readings.
  18. I will never give up on my boys and Rick Roll someone again.
  19. I will exercise more and cut down on sweets.
  20. I will try to stop procrastinating, I will never let someone’s harsh words get to me.
  21. I will never limit my imagination and I will write more.
  22. I will never run down a street naked and I will never watch scary movies.
  23. I will agree to disagree and I will never go to a Reggaeton concert.
  24. I will put more effort into things,  and I will never give into pressure.
  25. I will finish reading Fullmetal Alchemist and I will never go clubbing.


Complex sentences:

  1. I will always smile because I’ll do what always makes me happy above anything else.
  2. I’ll love my boyfriend with all my heart, cherishing every moment we’re together.
  3. I will never give up my dream of becoming a great dancer.
  4. I hate cats, therefore I will own a Welsh Corgi instead; it’s cuter.
  5. I won’t smoke or drink alcohol, I hate what it does to people.
  6. I will try to not dwell on the sadness of every little thing, I’ll make sure to laugh more instead.
  7. I’ll put an effort into getting along better with my family, but I will not let my sisters ruin my mood again.
  8. I won’t join the army but I will respect those who make the choice.
  9. My inner child will stay active with me always, especially because I love cartoons.
  10. My brain can’t process Philosophy; I can’t deal with politics either.
  11. I’m want to live in Korea but I will also travel to Japan.
  12. I’m going to finish learning Korean but I will never learn Chinese unless I’m asked to give it a try, it’s complicated.
  13. I won’t quit video games, though I need to catch up on all my favorite TV shows.
  14. I hate working at restaurants and won’t ever repeat it anytime soon but, I would own my own cupcake shop.
  15. No matter how much he persuades me, I won’t change for a guy and will weak Chuck Taylors at my wedding.
  16. I’m never going to forget that moment with Henry and I want to relieve it again by seeing SJ in Seoul.
  17. Although I used to be an avid reader, I want to pick it up again while catching up on all the manga I’m behind in.
  18. I will never give up on Super Junior, though I’ll stop Rick Rolling people.
  19. I have a huge sweet tooth, I’ll try to cut down on that and exercise more to make up for it.
  20. I need to stop procrastinating and not let anyone else’s harsh comments stop me from doing anything anymore.
  21. I love to write a lot, I love to let my imagination roam free.
  22. I scare easily so I’ll never watch scary movies and I really wouldn’t run around a street naked.
  23. I hate Reggaeton and I’ll never go to one of those concerts but, I will agree that some people just have a taste for it.
  24. Giving into peer pressure is terrible; not putting in effort into something is just as bad.
  25. I hate clubbing, I’d rather stay home and finish reading Fullmetal Alchemist instead.


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