Puerto Rico Quarantine – Week 2

The second week for the Covid-19 quarantine brought me bad news. I no longer have a job. I’m processing it, I’m dealing with it.

It’s just a bad time for everyone.

I am looking for remote jobs and hoping for the best. I’m also aware that looking for a job at a time like this is going to very difficult. I’m still going to try.

Now that I have this time on my hands, I definitely want to spend more of it on here and finally catch up on that post Megan nominated me for. (Thank you! <3)

After being burnt out for so long, it’s nice to slowly feel the creativity coming back. It’s great. I haven’t done much with it yet as I’m processing everything at once, especially with the number of cases in PR growing as fast as it has. At this point, I wouldn’t doubt we make it to 200 cases by Friday, maybe even sooner.

I’m honestly concerned because I do think this is going to be longer than it looks right now. It’s all a matter of time to wait and see how this all plays out.

Until next time!

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