Puerto Rico Quarantine – Week 1

So, the first week since the local quarantine went intro effect ends tomorrow. It’s been a ride. A very emotional one.

I used to work from home at a call center job. I loved working from home, hated the fact that it was a call center job mostly. Metrics being more important than an employee’s mental health.

Anyway, not the point.

During this week I’ve been able to manage things all right, having to get some work done. I’ve been able to get some groceries with not much trouble at all. However, I am having Maria flashbacks by seeing my backyard this empty. I’m not one to go out much but, I love hearing some hustle and bustle outside. Hearing it be so quiet reminds me so much about the first few days post hurricane.

As an introvert, I am not minding the quarantine. As a person who suffers anxiety however, I’m concerned as to how long this is going to last. Hearing about the lockdowns happening all over the US for a month or so is a little unsettling. Especially when the cases here are growing slowly and it feels like the government is lying to us.


Really, what else is new about that honestly?

I need to dedicate more of this time at home to being creative. I have a a new beading skill I want to try, aside from all the supplies I still have.

Also planning on spending some time getting familiar again with Filmora. So videos might be coming around soon too.

I’m gonna break out of this fun one way or another.

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