The beginning of SanSe and Earthquake Woes

I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts around here lately, it’s been a little bit complicated inside my head. Depression lows among many other stresses.

I’ll finish my series of my personal K-pop picks for the 2010s soon.

As most people know, Puerto Rico has been suffering from a string of strong earthquakes since December 28th. The south is suffering more than the northern part of the Island, which is where I’m located, but it is still taxing on everyone around.

The ‘Post Maria Stress Disorder’ is alive and well as the power sometimes disappears for people for no apparent reason.

The South is receiving more help from the people than the government. After the trainwreck that was was Hurricane María, nobody trusts the government to provide supplies and aid. With good reason too. I don’t trust them either.

SanSe is currently in full swing right outside my window. I’m obviously already not enjoying the noise levels outside. I can’t wait for the stage shows to stop a while from now.

I’ve said this before on the blog, the thing I really enjoy about the festival is going out on Sunday and taking in the artisans. I’ve found some really beautiful things while out and about. One of my favorite necklaces, I got last year during this same festival.

A lot of people are concerned about another big Earthquake hitting while the celebration is off in full swing. I’m also concerned because if it were to happen tomorrow or Saturday, it’ll turn into a stampede of people. This gets super full those days.

It’s also hard to tell if it’s a quake or the bass right now due to the EDM stage.

Fun times.

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