Mario Party: May the RNG be Ever in Your Favor…

Ah, Mario Party. I have so many memories of this franchise! My first encounter was at a cousin’s house. They had the first game and he was eager to share it with all of us. My sister and I played together with our cousins, having a good time.

Then, not that long later, another friend of mine had the game too! On those weekends where we would find each other in Fajardo at the same time, it was almost an obsession. We’d all play together and try to screw each other over. The crazier things got, the louder the laughs.

Then the games just continued to come out. Mario Party 3 was next and I spent hours with the single-player campaign. It was a very minimal story with the boards where you had to make sure to win every single time.

We skipped out on Mario Party 4 because we were more involved with other stuff in the GameCube. However, we still played it with my cousins at their house. The fifth game was one of my favorites on the GameCube. Mario Party 6 and 7 had the microphones, which was a weird concept.

Mario Party 8 was one of my ‘must-have’ titles for the Wii. I also got my hands on Mario Party DS though I liked it; it was not as fun as its console counterparts.

Let’s say that this infamous tower was never beat in one of the DS games.

I finally was gifted Super Mario Party for the Switch this Christmas. My sisters and I played over New Year’s Eve all the stages. The game is a lot of fun; I’ll go in-depth later. I didn’t win a single game overall but eventually, I’ll be back in top form.

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