Over a Week of Daily Yoga Later…

So the other day I started doing Yoga in the mornings, shifting my schedule in an effort to continue to have control over my depression. It’s been a complicated journey. On weekends, I move the Yoga to later in the day since I like to sleep in.

My true intention with my Yoga is to be more flexible again, and to tone down a few pounds. I’ve been trying to work out often and it just doesn’t happen because my laziness overpowers me. I absolutely hate it.

I’m open to recommendations on which routines to follow and such because honestly I want to tone up and be more flexible again. I miss it in my dancing.

I took a few days of rest because I haven’t been feeling well but I’m hoping to jump back into the thick of it tomorrow. It’s been a roller-coaster week on my mental health and it looks like the coming weeks are going to be more of that too.

Tomorrow it’s back to work and back to the routine. Hopefully with more blog posts attached. I absolutely enjoyed the blog challenge that Megan created. It was great and I felt accomplished with every single post I uploaded. Definitely empowering.

Now to back to some Destiny 2. I’m still unsure of what I’m doing half the time. The usual. XD

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