Fangirl Fridays: We Like


Okay, now that I’ve established that, this week’s song folows.

Aside from 2NE1 the other girl group I always lost my mind with was After School, under Pledis Entertainment. They totally didn’t deserve the mess that was their random long gaps between promotions. They had a concept similar to Morning Musume in Japan but no matter how much hype was built for them…it just all died. Their second single ‘Because of You’ is one of my most overplayed songs.

So then Pristin started teasing it’s debut and honestly ‘Wee Woo’ is a cute bop. Then they dropped this song and I was totally feeling them as a group. Then Kayla had to take a hiatus, which I totally understood.

After Pristin V had their single and disappeared…

That’s the best story I can give you about what happened and to this day I’m still upset that we can’t get more of them. Pledis ruined them.

Moving on, ‘We Like’ is fantastic. It’s catchy. It’s peppy. The dance is absolutely fun and I’ve been recently trying to learn it again. All the girls shine, it’s a fun video. Very reminiscent of ‘Gee’ actually.

Honestly, I’m sad we didn’t get more of them. ‘Black Widow’ was great too. That’s another dance on my list.

I do hope that the girls re-debut as a new group like the rumor states. Or maybe as soloists that get together every now and then to release something together. I don’t know, I just want more bops from these lovelies.

More gaming posts soon! Until next time!


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