New Pokémon Details, The Hype Continues



I mean, I was super excited with Let’s Go but this is a whole other hype level. I’ve already chosen my starter(Team Sobble!) and I was pretty sure of which game I wanted to pick up.

After today’s direct, I am 100% sure that I’m gonna go with Pokémon Sword. I was already thinking about it because of the color blue but seeing the legendary already sold me. SWORD DOGGIE.

I’m a total weirdo, I know. Anyway, all the new Pokémon are absolutely adorable. All of them are absolutely stunning so far. The excitement is absolutely building as new things are being revealed. I’m sure that this will be the last announcement for a few weeks until CoroCoro reveals some more.

…also don’t get me started on Wooloo…

Can November 15 get here already?

(I know today’s a little short. More posts soon! <3)


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