First Division 2 Raid Experience – Afterthought

So I recently tried my second ever Raid in a game. I never played any of the ones in vanilla Destiny or Destiny 2. I mostly played the first game alone. I recall we tried the SIVA raid at one point but once we got to the first boss, stuff happened and we stopped.

I’ve never completed a Raid before. I’ve never been as invested in looter games up until recently. Carlos is the reason I’ve been giving them a chance really. So when our Division 2 clan found enough people online to be able to go at the raid, we went for it.

It’s as hard as I expected. It was also extremely annoying. It took us a long ass time in order to get through Boomer. I usually don’t stay up extremely late, not even on weekends, because I like my sleep. I sleep in too. The second boss was complicated but we did get through it too. All three of them.

The mechanics are a little out there for me, as this is one of my first times. In the SIVA raid we had to time things with the monitors and I don’t remember the rest. It was driving me insane how long it was taking. I’m used to taking a while with boss fights with wonky mechanics. This is mostly on single player games and RPGS…this was on a whole other level.

I’m thankful I could play music in the background as a way to keep myself entertained.

The third boss was just killing my patience. I don’t mind failing/wiping multiple times. I do however, hate mechanics like the one the two cyber doggies have. It’s bonkers. The only reason I’m diving back in this weekend to the Division 2 raid is because the clan is fun to play with.

Oh yeah, I’m using voice chat with complete strangers and I haven’t had anything weird. Well, there was some yelling involved at me but clan leader defended me. That I truly appreciate.

…I still won’t turn on voice chat in OW though.

New week, new adventures. Let’s see how it goes. Until next time!


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