A year of Legalmente Nerd

So last night we recorded the first of a series of episodes to celebrate the podcast’s first anniversary. It’s been a crazy year since this all started.

My snapchat has blown up last night thanks to Chente and I can’t help but find it hilarious and overwhelming all at once. I haven’t got that much attention to any of my networks since I’ve started this whole Gaming Vlog thing. So this was a lot at once.

We did have fun last night laughing and talking with Chente about the topics of the week, there was little gaming to report this past week since there was way more movie news. As it stands today though, it looks like next week’s taping will be full of gaming news though. I mean, we have that Pokémon direct tomorrow and then Capcom announced the Resident Evil games being released and now Rocket League is including the Batmobile in their game.

As if I needed another reason to just go and buy the damn game apparently.

If any of you readers have been paying attention to my YouTube Channel, I started uploading a Subnautica Let’s Play and then today a video of me playing SRIV is up. I will be working on SRIV a bit more than Subnautica since I keep screwing up and I’d like my friend Kramuss to remain alive and not have a panic attack while watching me play. Also, SRIV makes me laugh, that’s always a good thing.

So one year of Legalmente Nerd has brought some interesting things. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen on our way to our second anniversary of many.

Much love to my nerds. Son de lo mejor que me ha pasado. 2016 va a ser bueno para nosotros.


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