Cold, Cold, Cold Day

It’s been really cool all day today. But that’s not what I’m actually going to talk about! 

I managed to finally finish up that Akrham Origins DLC! The story motivated one! 

I know I promised an Akrham Origins post but the end of this DLC was SO good that I couldn’t help myself. The full game content was good. I did like the battle system, completely translated from the last game even though it was a completely different company that was in charge of this title. I did enjoy the story though it was honestly expected that *huge* spoiler concerning Black Mask. I’m sorry, there is just no way it would be an Arkham title unless the Joker was involved. The only one I’m not believing this is in ‘Arkham Knight’ because well, I played city. Joker dead. 

The voice acting in Origins was FANTASTIC. I was so weary of the Bruce Wayne actor since I’ve been so used to hearing him as Ezio and Sonic but he really impressed me with his Bruce. On the other hand…Troy just blew me away. I was worried about how he was going to handle the Joker. I love Troy as a VA and he’s amazingly talented. So I knew he was going to do good, I was just worried about how he’d approach such an iconic character that’s practically been played by Mark Hamill in almost all of his appearances. Nolan was good, as usual and there was one thing that threw me off…

I appreciated the fact that Babs was in the game but, there was something so peculiar about her being there at fifteen and then absolutely no mention of Dick! The age gap between those two isn’t that big. In any canon. What the hell? 

I am eager to see her in Arkham Knight. We finally get a face for the voice. I do hope we finally get some Nightwing too. It’s about time. We got a bit of Tim in City. So I’m fangirl wishing Tim also shows up. But, this is all my fangirlish  wants, nothing to do with what’ll actually be in the game. 

Anyway, back to Origins. The game was solid and entertaining. I am currently on my new game plus run and loving/hating every minute of it. Once I’m done with that, I’ll probably make the full proper post of the game. 

What I do want to talk about is the story DLC. I finally finished the ‘Cold, Cold Heart’ DLC. I got super excited with the teasers when I realized that we were having a Mr. Freeze content. 

The entire events that took place in Wayne Manor were very entertaining. I actually wanted to play around in the manor longer than the game allows. Getting into the batcave was fun and once you hit Gotham, it’s a lot smaller than the map you’re given in Origins. I understand that since this is a DLC there are some constraints. 

The story for the DLC is actually something I enjoyed every minute of. It was something strong, powerful and it really gave you the story behind Victor and how this man came to be. It was a refreshing twist on an already established origin story, it also wasn’t much of a stretch. 

A new suit is also introduced in this DLC, along with some change up with the gadgets. I did like the Thermal Batarangs. They were too much fun to hurl at frozen switches. I also highly enjoyed the thermal gloves, but I did not like that they took longer to charge than the ones you ‘borrow’ from the Electrocutioner in the main game. 

The fights were sometimes convoluted and the new henchmen they tossed in was annoying to beat. His ice beam was super frustrating to dodge and to beat them, you needed to stun them like the usual armored henchmen. It also was painful in that final encounter. I thought I had to take down the henchmen before hitting the tanks. I ended up not knocking out every henchmen and just going straight for the machines. If five more were going to spawn after I hit the tanks and overloaded them, why not just hit the tanks and avoid the extra spawns? I got lucky that my plan worked and was able to finish the DLC that way. 

Another downside was the problem that there wasn’t much motivation to roam the city with my thermal gloves. No Riddler content, no side quest along that rope except to thaw out the frozen citizens. Fun. Not. 

All in all, I did enjoy my experience with this DLC content. It was a great take on Mr. Freeze, I enjoyed the new gadgets but hated the charge time for the gloves. Found some fights entertaining and engaging…while others just made me want to rage quit. But hey, that’s what games are for. 

Should you play this? If you’re like me and like this villain. Totally check it out! 

It’s late, work tomorrow. Michi out!


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