Ah Monday.

I changed up the blog’s theme again earlier this morning before finishing up my morning routine to head to work. I like how it looks this time too…this one makes me feel like a more open book. I like journals. It fits me. 😛

Today totally felt like a Monday. So many things were Topsy turvey! I had lunch at the mall instead of any of the nearby restaurants from the office building so that was good too.

Not much gaming on today. I caught up with my street tags earlier. Only one new puzzle piece. DAMMIT. If I had known about the system transfer prior to purchasing my 3DS XL I would’ve probably only be on he newest panels. Drat.

I was going to spend my night watching Fam Guy and writing these random things I’m working on before going to bed. Then I remembered that the NFL season started and tuned in for the second game of the night…to find it was almost the end of the first quarter and the game’s still scoreless…I found what I’m watching for now!

I’m trying to figure out what game to pick up next. Console wise. My portables are good. I still need to kick the ass out of that mission in P3P but I’m making progress.

That’s enough for the day, for now. My next game post will probably be either something about Mario Party for the DS or just random babbling about another game in general.

I also found out that they confirmed the Batman delay. My fangirl heart aches…upside. It’s being released on my birthmonth next year! WOOOOOOOOO! Michi out!


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