The Best Afternoon of My Life

It’s windy and it’s colder than what I’m used to from sunny and tropical Puerto Rico. I’m walking out to Times Square and it’s early on Monday morning. I’m sad that this is my last day in New York but I’ve got a list of things I really want to do! But first, there was an errand I needed to run for my traveling partners.

I made my way to the W Hotel, my heart racing a little since this was the hotel all the bands from the Kpop concert I’d just seen yesterday were staying in. It was having a real hard time sinking in, I’d just seen my favorite band ever perform in Madison Square Garden! I saw that the security rails were up and people were still gathered around the entrance. I guess people are still here! Maybe I’ll finally be lucky enough to catch a closer glimpse of my favorite Chinese Canadian multi-talented wonder!

I asked the crowd which acts under SM Entertainment still remained in the hotel. The group was quick to tell me that Super Junior and SHINee had left. My heart sank. There was my last chance at seeing the cute rice ball until the next random concert. I then asked for them to point me in the direction of Korea town. They were all nice enough to tell me what to look for and so my day began with what I really wanted to do.

I walked up and down the small street that was K-Town and bought an album I really wanted. It was more expensive than  what I usually paid for a Kpop album but it was worth it. I then stopped wandering the small strip and decided that heading out to the second location on my list was a good idea.

That one took me longer to get to. Nobody could point me in the right direction and I was getting terribly antsy. It wasn’t until I finally reached the Rockefeller Center that someone was kind enough to tell me where to go!

I had made my way back to Times Square after my departure from the Nintendo World Store. I was taking in all the sights from the bright lights and smiled at the sight of the LG Billboard as it flashed the commercial for the concert I’d seen just yesterday. It was amazing and it brought a big smile to my face. After the hilarious Saturday where I got to see my favorite member on the two tier red Tour NYC bus and had my heart stop upon his adorableness, I was graced with a Sunday where every time I shouted his name…he seemed to hear it. I was on cloud nine!

I shopped in American Eagle with a Google Phone and Google Wallet. The Hershey store was my next stop. It was so much chocolate! I was super excited! I didn’t really buy anything but I was happy indulging my sweet tooth by just looking around.

I left the Hershey store and sighed. I was still reeling from my sadness earlier this morning. I’d complained to my best friend that my luck was gone and she kept assuring me that it hadn’t left me yet. I stopped at the street the W hotel was in and looked down the block. The security bars and guards were gone. Guessing everyone had left…which means…I can finally walk down the block and see what else is on this damn street!

I started down the block with my head held high, sad I’d missed my chance at meeting Henry but still satisfied with the weekend I’d had. I slowly walked past part of the hotel’s main entrance and noticed from the corner of my eye four people in front of it, talking. I didn’t think much of it until it registered in my head that one of them had ginger hair hidden underneath his baseball cap. I stopped short when it dawned on me. I looked over my shoulder and really took a look at the guy and noticed that I was right about the hair, it was somewhat orangey-ginger. I also noticed that he looked like my Chinese Canadian from the side. I shook it off and thought of it as a coincidence and took a few steps forward.

That little voice in my head snuck up on me and started yelling at me. I hate it when it does that…but usually when it does it’s because it’s right.


I swallowed and tried to get rid of my nerves. It was impossible. My body was shaking, I could feel my heart racing. I’m pretty sure the guys around him noticed since I registered them mentioning something that was probably about me. I slowly walked up to them, my heart feeling like it was about to beat out of my chest. I was trying my hardest to keep myself together and finally spoke up.

“Excuse me,” I said, my voice sounding foreign to me. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this! They all turned to me, well he did. His friends were already looking at the strange girl with the red hair that had approached them…which was me.

He turned around quickly and smiled, his dimples making my heart melt as he asked me what he could help me with. On the inside I was telling myself over and over again to keep it together, but with a smile like that, it was hard to do so.

I stuttered slightly as I asked him for a picture and his smile grew before telling me that he would be happy to. I squealed a little before pulling out my camera and turning it on. His friend was quick, he offered to take the pictures for me so I could be in the photos with Henry. I was quite flustered at his kindness and gave him my mother’s camera before fussing with my hair a little. Henry signaled me to get close to him and I grinned nervously before slipping into his outstretched arm.

“You know what’s funny? I’m older than you and yet you’re taller…” I said, stunning myself. STUPID BRAIN SHUT UP! NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR THIS! He laughed. I made the adorable guy laugh! He laughed at my words as I slipped my arm around him and I looked at his friend for the photo…it seemed something in him clicked when I said that…

“Is this any better?” I heard him ask as suddenly some of his height disappeared from my peripheral vision. I bit my lip. I was sure he could sense how anxious I was. I couldn’t look at him. It was too much! I just waved it off with my other hand, trying to fight the blush that I felt on my cheeks as I told him it was fine. I didn’t mind him being taller than me…which was true.

His friend took two photos and then gave me back the camera. I thanked him for the favor and Henry got all excited, telling me to review the photos to make sure I got a good one of the both of us. I was quite surprised he was so giddy and did as asked, a little saddened that my bang was over my eye in the photos. I mentioned it and got a response I really wasn’t expecting…

“Your hair is all over your beautiful face?! That’s okay, we’ll take another one!” he said, stunning me. My brain was short circuiting. WAS THIS REAL LIFE?! WHAT IS THIS!? I CAN’T EVEN!!!!

I couldn’t say much else after that compliment, I think that my flaming red cheeks gave him enough of an answer. His friend took my camera off my hands and I took off my stuff, another one of his friends holding them for me. The friend took a few more pictures and gave me my camera back. I smiled at the other two photos and took my stuff back, talking with Henry for a bit. He was a sweetheart and I didn’t hesitate to tell him he was my favorite member of the band. His face lit up when I said that. He seemed so shocked! When I repeated myself, he smiled again. I felt my heart soar. I was doing that! THAT WAS ALL ME!!!

We kept talking and the little voice in my head was pushing me again. His friends had completely disappeared from the immediate vicinity, standing closer to the hotel than to me and him. I was scared of what it was telling me this time. It wasn’t a big deal…but I was so scared he wouldn’t help me that I just swallowed my question and talked with him for a while longer, just enjoying it as it happened. A lady came an interrupted us and in a whirlwind, this woman killed his good mood and he left for the hotel with a smile and a wave.

I sighed as I headed back to Times Square, my body shaking. I couldn’t believe what had just happened…

…I still can’t…

…it still feels like a dream…

…the pictures are what remind me that it was all real…


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