Going back in time? I know exactly when…

On October of last year I took a chance and headed out to see my favorite Korean band in concert in NYC. I had the most amazing concert going experience one can imagine. Almost everything good you can imagine, happened. I got some special moments with a lot of the company band members, I got to see my favorite member perform. I got to see my favorite group perfrom and I was away from home…it was just me and NYC.

Though I say I wouldn’t change anything…I would’ve changed something in myself that Monday afternoon. I met my favorite band member alone, with his friends and it was the highlight of my trip…better than the concert!

I would’ve been braver. I got tongue tied and felt shy about asking him to show me a good restaurant in Korea Town. He’s Chinese but he spends a lot of his down time when he’s not in Korea in NY. I was hungry and since I knew he knew his way around, I wanted to ask him so I wouldn’t get lost. I got shy…and I regret that now. Maybe next time…

3 thoughts on “Going back in time? I know exactly when…

  1. I like what you could have done going back in time. If I could go back I would had bought a ticket to a concert to see my favorite singer when I was in intermediate school.


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