My cute little monster

     Just picture this, what you’re about to draw. I’m going to give you a little background story though…so you get the whole idea…you’re about to take a nice swig of tea in your shiny new red mug when you hear something coming from it. Upon looking down you see this big green ball, almost identical in color to your tea. It’s a smooth surface, completely green with two chicken legs as hands and aems, orange on either side of its body. Its mouth is wide open in a huge, scary dimpled at the corners grin. Its yellow teeth haunting you due to it terrible, nasty, smoker teeth yellow color. Up on the roof of his mouth there are eight unevenly spaced teeth. On the lower half of his mouth there are six teeth, three on the other side of his tongue. He’s sticking it out at you, red, almost identical to its nose. You can’t keep your eyes off its nose, it’s got three nostrils offset just a little from the center and looks like a deformed oval! His three eyes are on you too! Popping out of his head, like Gary’s eyes in Spongebob. Three of them, yellow all around, pupils that are red surrounded by black. On each side of his eyes there are four spikes, all equal in size.

3 thoughts on “My cute little monster

  1. I drew a “somewhat” different monster from your description. I didn’t drew a monster inside a teacup because you mentioned something about its legs, so I drew them. I didn’t get the color of the spikes in its eyes or the tentacles to which the eyes were attached. It was a little troublesome for me because you exposed it was like Gary from SpongeBob. Truth is I don’t watch SpongeBob. But that’s not your fault (or anyone’s). Overall, I think you described you monter pretty good.

    1. I see where you got the legs from. 😛 I wrote chicken legs because that’s what it looks like. It was just arms and hands.

  2. When reading the description without seeing the monster: you made a typo when writing arms* (you wrote aems), the sentence of it’s teeth was very confusing since you wrote yellow two times. Also, my partner doesn’t watch Spongebob and didn’t understand your reference to Gary.

    When drawing: I didn’t know what color where the spikes and tentacles (that are holding the eyes). I liked your idea of making the description like a story, but we did not realize the tea cup played a huge part of the drawing, we assumed it was just a story.

    When we saw the original monster: We realized, like I said before, that the tea cup played a mayor role on the drawing. The confusion came when you said the legs and arms were like that of a chicken’s leg. We assumed one could see the legs… That was not the case. We also misplaced the spikes because we believed they were close to each eyeball. I can’t remember anymore. D:


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