I’m on the moon, it is made of cheese…

I meant to write about this season in Destiny 2 sooner but then this questline blew me out of the water last night.

I’ve been playing Minecraft on the Xbox thanks to GamePass Ultimate but that’s not the subject of the day.

This season has been a slower trickle of content as opposed to the last one. I will admit that this time the pass has more rewards than the last one. While it’s still got room for improvement, this is a small step in the right direction.

Just last week, the exotic sidearm, Devil’s Ruin was released into the game. The quest is brief, a breath of fresh air. Most Exotic quests in Destiny two become a chore. There is too much grinding involved and it takes the fun out of playing.

This last week was Iron Banner and I was done with everything fairly quick. I’m already looking forward to the next one, but I will admit that this last one was painful to sit through. So many people are hacking, cheating, and ruining it for everyone. I had good matches, I won’t deny that. Some were just too painful though.

I managed to finish the corridors quest on Saturday, wishing there was still more to the story. Carlos’s theory that the death of the main character is the start of Destiny 3. It’s not a terrible theory, I just don’t want to think about the next game when I’m enjoying this one even with the lack of consistent content.

I will admit that the quest for Devil’s Ruin was way more entertaining than the quest for the Bastion. Especially with the entire long conversation between Shaxx and Saint. It was totally worth it.

I want more moments like that. Hopefully soon.

Until next time!

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