Day Twenty One: Odyssey, Xûr and a Fortnite

This is my first post in a long while where I’ll try to avoid talking about the Hurricane and go back to what I love, gaming.

I’ve been playing Mario Odyssey and I love it. I seriously freaking love it. I can’t put it down when I pick it up. It’s so much fun to just go out and explore, jump and do really stupid stuff and be rewarded with Power Moons.

It’s also why I got my first amiibo. I got it because Mario deserves to be a blushing bride on his wedding day. Also that Extra Life heart will probably be my salvation on Boss Rush mode on the Dark Side of the Moon. I seriously love this game. This game was a ray of sunshine when it came out. While the situation is still terrible, this game perks me up as soon as I pick it up.

Destiny 2 has left me in mostly a slump. I’ve finally, and I mean finally, gotten a better hand at playing Nightstalker but still. I feel like I die as soon as someone sneezes on me. Hunters are in dire need of a buff. I have been making some steady progress in Crucible but by far I’m nowhere near the strides Carlos has been making. I joke that most of my efficiency rating is all the damn assists I make. I was the QUEEN of assists in my CoD days.

Xûr had the Hard Light this week which basically leaves the weapon exotics down to two that I don’t yet have. One being the one from the quest in the Raid while the other one is the Tractor Cannon.

With Season 2 of the game looming around the corner with the DLC I’m eager for more stuff to collect and play around with. I finally grew to love Auto Rifles after having a love/hate relationship with them in Vanilla Destiny.

Lastly, a Fortnite. That RNG is an RNG on top of another RNG and there’s like, SO. MUCH. LOOT. Cayde would’ve had a field day. We’re done with the Halloween event, which was a LOT of fun to play but still. There’s so many heroes and stuff that Carlos and I want to get but it’s been impossible because of that damn RNG.

The microtransactions in Fortnite seriously need to be looked into. This RNG for the daily Llama is absurd. We’ve been having so many good Llamas but then they have terrible drops. I haven’t gotten any more new heroes. Carlos has yet to get a single mythic. His only mythic was a lead survivor. I have five of those now at this point.

Epic, enable trading or something! There’s Heroes I’m probably never going to use because of my gaming style. I don’t know. Just look into your damn Llamas. They’re fun to break but they’re not too fun to buy.

That’s enough rambling for today. I’m thankful I’m in a place where I have power to play. I still wish I was home though. That’s going to be a long while before I do manage to get back though.



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