My Sanctuary, My Room

I’m a pack rat. I sometimes tend to keep things that at first glance have no real value for some inexplicable reason. My room is a slight mess but I know where almost everything is so I don’t have a problem looking for anything.

I have a full sized bed on one corner of my room. I share it with my sister, save for the weekends she goes to my father’s house over in Fajardo. Underneath the mattress, I have a poster laid out to flatten it. It’s been there since last summer, so it’s already perfectly flat but, I haven’t found the frame for it. That and the humidity that drips down my walls could ruin it. After all I went through to win that poster, I’m not letting it get ruined that easily.

On the other side of the bed, I have my bureau. It matches with my boxed spring, part of a combined set that used to belong to my mother from when she was single. Its mirror is still attached behind it while on top of my dresser I have a mess of things. To the left I have one of the speakers that belongs to my stereo along with some of my nail polishes. To the right, I have the core system of the stereo along with all my earrings.

Next to my dresser, I have my bookshelf. I also share that with my sister and every shelf is loaded with books. Most of them are romantic-comedies that belong to my sister, while some of the other books are mine. Fiction novels fill the shelves along with my notebooks that have pages and pages of my ideas.

Right in front of my other wall, I have a small coffee table loaded with more books. These are of my major, English Lit. I have two full Norton Anthologies in this table, near a dust covered and still functioning Super Nintendo. Next to that is my TV set which is housed in a hand me down furniture that my grandmother gave me. Inside the lower cabinet, it’s full of manga. I need to reread all of that.

Lastly is my sliding door mirror closet, full of a mess of clothes, sneakers and magazines.

This place is my sanctuary…the place I go to relax and unwind…and to watch boatloads of Law & Order SVU.


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