Criticism and Feedback

     Back in high school, like a lot of people I know, I was insecure about almost everything. In particular, about my singing. I’m a very artsy person who love to sing and dance. A lot of people would give me positive feedback, others would tell me pointers on how to get better. All in all, I was pretty happy with it up until my junior year when one of my best friends flat out told me that I should quit singing because I was terrible.

     That struck closer to home than all the feedback. Here was my best friend, telling me I was terrible at something people generally said I was good at. People say that your best friend is one of the most honest people in the world so, who was I to doubt her ‘feedback’?

     As I got older, I learned that she was just being spiteful and she wasn’t much of a friend for me at all…

     I think feedback is a good idea but the lines between good feedback and just a criticismto make you feel bad are very blurred. Feedback is supposed to be more or less a response to something while criticism could be considered more of an insult. It’s like a complaint of something not just a response.


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