Asch the Bloody and Luke Fon Fabre


   The characters above are Luke Fon Fabre(Left) and Asch the Bloody(on the right) both characters are from an animated series based on a game called Tales of the Abyss. The story behind these characters is the one is an original while the other is a replica (we use the word clone for this) of the original. The image above tells of the battle of the orginal and his replica, both arguing the value of their own life.

    What I like about this image is that on the character’s faces one can easily see the resolve both have to claim that they have a right to live. The original, Asch, fled his life to pursue a different one but when he decided to come back to his old life, Luke had taken his place. In Ancient Hispanian, the old language spoken in their world of Auldurant, the name Luke means ‘Light of the Sacred Flame’ which is why now Asch calls himself the remains of his former self. He struggles to accept who he is much like Luke stuggles with the fact that he was made to replace someone but now he wants to be acknowlegded as his own person. Asch and Luke are quite alike, even if they both say they’re not. They’re an original and his replica after all…


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