All About Me

This is probabaly a failing intro post. I don’t usually like writing about myself though I rather talk about my interests. I’m a huge, and I mean it, HUGE fan of K-pop. I’ve been a fan for a good few years and its been an interest that hasn’t budged from my life since it began. I’m also a big fan of video games. I play all types of games like FPS, RPGs, Puzzle, music and just about anything I like. I’m also handy with my hands, can’t keep them still, I’m usually writing or making something when I’m not busy.

9 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Hello, by the structure and the well use of the vocabulary I infer that your first language is English. (although I know I migth be wrong) There is nothing wrong with talking about yourself, indeed, you can say how old are you and what are you studying.
    I can’t find errors.

  2. I can understand whay you can’t keep your hand still…YOU LOVE VIDEO GAMES…lol… I remember when I had a Supernintendo…Yeahh a long time ago…jajaja that helps me to understand that I’m not good with video games… So what are you studying?

  3. I just learned a new term K-pop (Korean popular music). It’s cool….I heard a little of the music and it’s actually pretty good! You write very nice. I would like to know why did you start listening to K-pop music?

  4. I’m not into K-pop or J-pop or … any-letter-pop, but it’s always nice to see people stray from the norm. As for video games, now I only play Pokémon… Yes, I confess, I have Pokémon White. To learn more about yourself, what are you studying? (something I forgot in my own paragraph… Heh) Do you have any pets?

  5. Hi! You are such a good writer that I had to google some of the words you wrote…hehe… I will like to know what are you studying and how did you learn such a great English…

  6. Hey, I think is very interesting what you wrote about your passion for K-pop, even though I don’t really know who they are. I will look it up in the weekend, jajajaja. I would like to know what other bands do you like? I think you write very well.

  7. I really don’t know much about K-Pop but I’m not a total stranger to South Korea culture at all. I have a few friends that like this kind of music and I wouldn’t mind listening. What I love more about this country is the romantic movies. Two of my favorites are “A moment to remember” and “My Sassy Girl”. I have a favorite athlete that I like to see when she competes, and her name is Yuna Kim. I’m a huge fan of videogames too. My favorite RPG series of all time is Kingdom Hearts. I started RPG gaming with Breath of Fire IV and Final Fantasy VII. You really remind me of someone I cared a lot. I was wondering if you do role playing. What are your favorite games? What are you studying? What do you want to be once you get your B.A.? You really have amazing skills for writing. I just see one little error where you wrote probably.

  8. Hello!
    One of my best friend on the states from when I was studying there was Korean and I learned a lot from his country and music. I think K-pop is really good music, if I could understand what they are saying I would probably enjoy it a little bit more.


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