Fangirl Fridays: 너나 해

I love Mamamoo. Now the song that really sold me on them was this one. I absolutely LIVE for this song (and Starry Night, which I totally slept on when it first came out but not the point).

Latin vibes have been immersing themselves into K-pop for years. I think my first encounter with Reggaeton in K-pop was Miss A’s ‘Breathe’ and I extremely loved JYP for it. Still know the dance to that one too…for the most part. Need a refresher.


Anyway, when this song came out, shortly after MOMOLAND’s amazing summer bop called ‘BAAM’, I couldn’t help myself. This song was being overplayed anytime I played music.

The thing with Reggaeton is, that it’s so saturated locally, I sometimes don’t even bother with it. But when it comes to K-pop, I tend to sway the other way because I either like the group, the dance is fun to do, or it’s fun. To me, the local Reggaeton scene isn’t really. It hasn’t been for years. Especially after liking it thinking it’d help me get liked in school. (Spoiler alert, it didn’t make me any cooler.)

This IS an amazing summer bop. It’s sizzling with great a great vocal track, the dance is one I actually very much enjoy doing, and I feel like a sexy vixen when I blast this at full volume.

This summer I’ll probably spam it some more, along with the new CLC song. I don’t like a lot of their music but ‘Me’ gives me such 4Minute vibes that I cannot help myself. I should also make an effort to finish learning that dance routine, let’s see how that goes.

I mean, I have been working out a little more lately. Not dancing but still, a work in progress. Much like the rest of myself.

Until next time!


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